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208.66 Lei x 24 rate

COROS VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch - Lava 

All-satellite Dual-frequency GNSS Chipset

The dual-frequency GNSS chipset enables VERTIX 2 to handle more complex environments like city streets, gorges and forests. The new chipset gives the VERTIX 2 significantly higher accuracy in complex environments where you have limited satellite visibility, or where there is interference from large walls or buildings.

The VERTIX 2 packs in three satellite system settings: Standard GPS only (default), All Systems On, and All Systems + Dual FREQ On. This setting can be changed on the watch, via System -> More Settings -> Satellite Systems.

1. Standard GPS Only takes a GPS reading every second and is good for normal use when the conditions are good, i.e. normal outdoor activities in an open area. The VERTIX 2 battery can last for 140 hours in this mode, massively exceeding all other GPS watches on the market by a significant margin.

2. All Systems On turns on all satellite systems simultaneously, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS. The previous generation watches can turn on 2-3 systems only. This mode increases the visible satellite count greatly, so the users can still get a solid signal when the sky view is limited. It takes slightly more energy so the battery life measured under this mode is 90 hours.

3. All Systems + Dual FREQ On is the most powerful and accurate satellite mode. This enables the watch to communicate with the satellite systems in two concurrent frequencies and bring next-level accuracy even when in challenging conditions or environments. This mode demands a lot more battery than the other settings but the VERTIX 2 is able to handle 50 hours of continuous tracking in this setting – which covers the majority of COROS users’ recorded activities (i.e. up to 50hrs) which is better than most other GPS watches on the market. For activities longer than 50hrs, the user can switch to an alternative GPS configuration.

Global Offline Map Experience

The VERTIX 2 offers three layers for mapping: Landscape, Topo (Topographic), and Hybrid.

Users who want to follow a route can use the navigation feature which will overlay their .GPX route with the new map layers allowing for a more data-rich experience.

COROS’ new super-responsive touchscreen allows you to drag with your fingertips making it easy to pan and move around the map. While the Digital Dial is the best method for zooming in and out, miles more convenient than a traditional button set-up.

VERTIX 2 retail units will be pre-loaded with the global offline Landscape map. Users can download region-specific Topo maps of their choice for free by visiting and transferring the files to the watch by USB from any computer.

The Largest Screen Ever on a COROS Watch

The all-new 1.4-inch touchscreen with 280 x 280 resolution (64 colours) allows for a far greater visual experience. Now you can view even more data, as well as maps and routes in full colour.

In addition, VERTIX 2 supports up to 8 data fields on one single page – during an activity.

Mind-Blowing Battery-Life

Just as in previous models, the VERTIX 2 will come packed with industry-leading battery life, far exceeding the competition as well as outlasting every adventure you throw at it.

Daily use - 60 days
Standard Full GPS (every second plotting) - 140 hours
Standard Full GPS with Music Playing - 35 hours
All Systems On - 90 hours
All Systems On with Music Playing - 30 hours
All Systems + Dual Frequency On - 50 hours
UltraMax GPS - 240 hours

Next Level Processing Power.

Built from the ground up, the VERTIX 2 utilizes our next-generation chipset and processor, allowing for a totally new and seamless COROS experience. From our extensive testing, we estimate VERTIX 2 to be over 20% faster than VERTIX 1.

Redesigned User-Interface (UI)

Our new UI releases the potential of our iconic Digital Dial. Now you can effortlessly scroll to view the most important daily metrics at ease.
The improved touchscreen also allows you to perform certain actions with the tip of your finger, allowing for precise control when navigating, as well as accessing music and data fields.

Wrist-based ECG

An Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the most accurate way to monitor your heart rate and is also a reliable way to obtain Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
The VERTIX 2 is capable of assessing both ECG and HRV, as well as also Stress (both from training, and in daily life) which can help the user to enhance and optimize their training and recovery plan.
For best results, we recommend that you test your HRV index every morning in a sitting position (i.e. 5 mins after you wake up).
HRV index; the higher score the better.
81-100: Superior, relaxed;
51-80: High, under minor physical or mental pressure;
21-50: Medium, under medium physical or mental pressure;
1-20: Low, under significant physical or mental pressure;
Your daily HRV readings will be shown in the accompanying COROS app, you can compare daily changes in order to understand your condition better. You may compare the HRV reading from the VERTIX 2 to other HRV capable devices.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

COROS’ all new WiFi connectivity allows for a fast and seamless way to download new firmware updates from COROS servers.

Insta360™ Camera Control Remote

If you have an Insta360™ camera (Insta360 Go 2, One X2 and One R), you can now control your camera from your wrist. In addition, you can also place your camera somewhere else (i.e. on a tripod) allowing for more creative angles.


The VERTIX 2 offers the ability to store and playback music from its onboard storage.


The VERTIX 2 ships in its own waterproof hard-case. Once the watch is firmly on your wrist the case can then be used to keep your phone, keys, and wallet safe!

                                           COROS VERTIX 2 – Caracteristici Tehnice


COROS VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch

Marime Display

1.4 inch / 3.556 cm

Rezolutie Display

280 X 280 (64 culori)

Tip Display

Ecran tactil LCD mereu activat

Material Geam Display


Material Bezel

Aliaj de titan de gradul 5 cu acoperire PVD

Material Corp Ceas

Aliaj de titan cu acoperire PVD

Bratara Ceas

Bratara de 26mm fixare rapida

Material Bratara Ceas

Silicon / Nylon

Dimensiuni Ceas

50.3 X 50.3 X 15.7mm


91 grame

Durata de viata Baterie

GPS complet standard (la fiecare secundă) (GPS / QZSS): 140 de ore

GPS complet standard (la fiecare secundă) cu redare muzicală (GPS / QZSS): 35 de ore

Toate sistemele sunt activate (GPS / QZSS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou): 90 de ore

Toate sistemele pornite cu Redarea muzicii

(GPS / QZSS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou): 30 de ore

Toate sistemele + Frecvență dublă activată

(GPS / QZSS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou cu frecvență duală): 50 de ore

UltraMax (GPS + PDR): 240 de ore

Utilizare zilnică: 60 de zile

Conexiune Wireless

Bluetooth® 5.0 Dual Mode, Wi-Fi®

Conexiune Accesorii




Cip Sateliti

All-Satellite Dual-Frequency GNSS Chipset


Pulsoximetru optic

Senzor optic de ritm cardiac

Senzor de electrocardiogramă







Rezistenta la apa

10 ATM

Temperatura de lucru

-30 la 50

Temperatura de pastrare

-30 la 60

Timp de incarcare

Mai putin de 2 ore

Harti si Suport Navigatie

Harti Global Offline Street și hărți topografice

Ecran tactil și Digital Dial activat

Înapoi la Start

Profil de înălțime

Distanța până la destinație

Coordonatele GPS

Alertă de furtună


Stocare internă și streaming Bluetooth pentru conținut offline

Format melodii


Activitati inregistrate

Alergare, alergare pe banda, alergare pe munte, alergare pe pistă, drumeție, alpinism, bicicletă, bicicletă interioară, înot la piscină, inot ape deschise, triatlon, gimnastică cardio, GPS cardio, schi, snowboard, schi fond, schi turistic, multisport, forță , Antrenament, Speedsurfing, Windsurfing, Whitewater, Flatwater, Canotaj, Canotaj interior


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